The DC-4 (C-54)


When the Kamina air base in Congo was commissioned in 1953, a regular line with the colony was essential. As the C-119 trip was hardly comfortable, even for the standards of the time, two DC-4s were purchased for personnel transportation. It was for this reason that they remained in service until 1958, when they were replaced by the larger and more powerful DC-6s. The DC-4’s disadvantage over the DC-6 was not only its lower speed, but also the fact that its cabin was not pressurized.

When the DC-6 was purchased, the DC-4s were sold to Sabena, but bought back immediately after the events in the Congo in 1960. It was finally in 1971 that they were decommissioned for good.


Wingspan 35.81m

Length 28.91 m

Height 8.39 m

Engine 4 Pratt & Whitney R-2000 – II 1.350 HP

Maximum speed 435 Km / h at 4000 m

Cruising speed 360 Km / h

Max freight autonomy: 6.300 Km

Max passengers 6.800 Km

Empty weight Freight: 16.530 Kg; Paps: 17.338 Kg

Loaded weight 33.130 Kg

Number in service 2

Registration KX -1 and KX-2

Code OT-CWV and OT- CWU

1st commissioned 1950

Decommissioned in 1971