The Avro Anson C-1 and C-12

The Airspeed Oxford, built in 1936 at the request of the British Air Ministry and tested in November 1937, was the first twin-engine advanced trainer to enter service in the RAF. The aircraft was equipped with dual controls and was mainly used for training 2 or more engines, for navigation, photography and blind flying. 42 of these aircraft were in service until Jan. 1960.


Wingspan 16.25 m

Length 10.49 m

Height 3.38 m

Engine 2 x 350 HP Armstrong Siddely Cheetak Engine

Maximum speed 324 Km / h

Cruising speed 300 Km / h

Radius of action 1.030 Km

Ceiling 5.928 m

Empty weight 2.575 Kg

Loaded weight 3.632 Kg

Number in service 42

Registration O-1 tot O-42

1st commissioning 01 April 1947

Decommissioned in 1957