The Avro Anson C-1 and C-12

Dating from 1935 and derived from a civilian version, the Anson became a military communications aircraft during World War II, also used for training bomber crews. These devices were also used as ambulance planes and were mainly in service with Coastal Command. After the war, the surplus Ansons served as light transport aircraft in the 169th Wing in Evere, then in the 15th Wing in Melsbroek to be replaced in 1953 by the Pembrokes.


Wingspan 16.25 m

Length 10.49 m

Height 3.38 m

Engine 2 x 350 HP Armstrong Siddely Cheetak Engine

Maximum speed 324 Km / h

Cruising speed 300 Km / h

Radius of action 1.030 Km

Ceiling 5.928 m

Empty weight 2.575 Kg

Loaded weight 3.632 Kg

Number in service 42

Registration O-1 tot O-42

1st commissioning 01 April 1947

Decommissioned in 1957