Swearingen Merlin (SW III)

A total of six Merlin airliners were purchased in the United States in 1976. Mainly used in passenger version, the aircraft also rendered excellent services in the execution of the cartographic mission (aerial photographs), for the benefit of the National Geographic Institute as well as a calibration platform.


Wing span 14.10 m

Length 12.85 m

Height 5.12 m

Engine 2 turboprops TP 3 to 840 HP each

Maximum speed 509 km / h (at 4,875 m altitude)

Economic cruising speed 463 km / h (at 8,535 m above sea level)

Range 4.261 Km

Maximum takeoff weight 5.670 Kg

Capacity 6 passengers with luggage

Number in service 6 *

Registration CF1, CF2, CF4, CF5, CF6

1st commissioned 1976

Decommissioned July 2001

* Loss: The CF-3 was damaged in Lille (FR) on April 16, 1980