DC-3 Dakota (C-47)

The C-47 Dakota first appeared in 1935 and was produced in the United States alone in over 11,000 copies. Already during the Second World War, the Belgians used this device. A few copies, coming from SABENA were the first endowment. After the massive contribution of the USAF after the war, the total number of aircraft present in the 15th Wing reached 41 units. The DC-3 was a versatile aircraft used for all missions, even flights to Africa. The mapping of the Congolese territory was possible thanks to this device. After their replacement by the C-119, a few examples were kept in service for local connections, training or calibration flights.


Wingspan 28.95 m

Length 19.70 m

Height 5.20 m

Engine 2 Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90 D 1200 HP

Maximum speed 368 Km / h

Cruising speed 298 Km / h (at 3,000 m)

Autonomy 2.300 Km

Ceiling 7.300 m

Empty weight 7.700 Kg

Total weight 12.200 Kg

Payload Freight: 3.400 Kg; Passengers: 28

Number in service up to 41

Registration K (of KP of KN) 1 to 41

1st commissioned 1944

Decommissioned in 1976