Boeing 727

In 1976, two Boeing 727s were acquired from SABENA to replace the vintage DC-6. A large cargo door allowed these aircraft to be converted from passenger to cargo versions or a combination. Although the Boeings were mainly used as medium-haul airliners, they were also used for transatlantic flights (via Keflavik, Iceland).


Wing span 32.92 m

Length 40.91 m

Height 10.36 m

Engines 3 JTS-D-7P with 14,000 pounds of thrust

Maximum speed 880 Km / h

Cruising speed 830 Km / h

Range 3.700 km

Ceiling 12,800 m

Maximum load 19,000 Kg

Maximum takeoff weight 76.810 Kg

Capacity 128 passengers

Number in service 2

Registration CB-01 and CB-02

1st commissioned 1976

Decommissioned in 1998

14. Hawker Siddeley HS-748

Mid-size turboprop aircraft purchased in triplicate in 1976 and used primarily as a passenger plane on European routes. It could also be configured as a freight transport aircraft.