Percival Pembroke P-66

The Pembroke, ordered in twelve copies in 1953, came primarily to replace the Avro Ansons. With a capacity of six to eight passengers in the liaison version, it could carry a modest load. Also used as a training aircraft for “transport pilot” retraining. Some aircraft were equipped for photographic purposes over Europe. It should be remembered that the aircraft was originally purchased for photographic missions over the Congo but were never used there.



Wingspan 19.66 m

Length 14.02 m

Height 4.90 m

Engine 2 Alvis Leonides 127 van 540 PK

Maximum speed 360 Km / h

Cruising speed 250 Km / h

Range 1.850 Km

Ceiling 6.700 m

Empty weight 4.166 Kg

Maximum weight 6.127 Kg

Number in service 12

Registration RM-1 to RM-12


First commissioned 1953

Decommissioned in 1973