Percival Pembroke P-66

Ordered in twelve copies in 1953, the Pembroke came mainly to replace the Ansons. With a capacity of six to eight passengers in the liaison version, it can carry a modest load. Also used as a training aircraft for the “transport pilot” conversion. Some examples were equipped for photographic recognition.


Wingspan 19.66 m

Length 14.02 m

Height 4.90 m

Engine 2 Alvis Leonides 127 van 540 PK

Maximum speed 360 Km / h

Cruising speed 250 Km / h

Range 1.850 Km

Ceiling 6.700 m

Empty weight 4.166 Kg

Maximum weight 6.127 Kg

Number in service 12

Registration RM-1 to RM-12


First commissioned 1953

Decommissioned in 1973