De Havilland Dominie DH 89


Military version of the Dragon Rapide from 1934. The aircraft proved itself to be extremely useful in World War II, especially as a training aircraft. It was used for this purpose and as a post-war liaison aircraft for the Luftwaffe. Two aircraft were sold on the Belgian civilian market, the rest were scrapped. The D7 is still airworthy in Germany today.


Wingspan 14.63 m

Length 10.52 m

Height 3.32 m²

Engine 2 Gipsy Six of 200 hp

Maximum speed 251 km/h

Cruising speed 211 km/h

Range 900 km

Ceiling 5,100 m²

Empty weight 1,466 kg

Load weight 2,500 kg

Number in service 7

Registration D-1 to D-7

First commissioned 01 Apr ’47

Decommissioned in 1953.