DC 6B (C-118A EN B)

The Air Force acquired the first two DC-6As from the USAF in 1958. The planned number of four units was reached in 1960 after the acquisition of two DC-6Bs from Sabena. The DC-6 was used primarily to conduct flights to Kamina Air Base, as well as to the United States and Canada, where Belgian military personnel were trained in radar techniques and managing unmanned vehicles. They were also used to perform many V(V)IP transports, specifically flights with the Royal Family.


Wingspan 35.86 m

Length 32.58 m

Height 8.44 m

Engine 4 Pratt & Whitney R- 2800 CB-17 of 2.500CV

Maximum Speed 610 km / h at sea level

580 Km / h at 5,000 m

Economic cruising speed 490 Km / u at 6,000 m

Autonomy 6.200 Km

Cargo empty weight: 22.580Kg; Passengers: 24.580 Kg

Loaded weight 48.500 Kg

Cargo payload: 14,500 Kg; Passengers: 102

Number in service 4

Registration KY-1 to KY-4

Code OT – CDA to OT – CDF

1st commissioned 1958

Decommissioned in 1976