The Belgian royal family has always shown a keen interest in military aviation and it was no surprise when the government acquired an Aero Commander for King Baudouin’s personal use in 1961. The Belgian king obtained his military wings on this aircraft and used it from its home base in Melsbroek. The aircraft was integrated and operated by the 15th Wing. In April 1973, the Aero Commander was sold in France.

OT-CWB c/n 560F-1069-25 

• 100961: Taken on Charge by the Belgian Air Force (21 Sq/15W)
• 180961: Arrived at Melsbroek

• ..1161: Undercarriage damaged in landing accoident at Zurich (CH)
• 200473: Withdrawn from use with the Belgian Air Force
• 000473: Sold and registered F-BTYZ to SA Tranchant Electronique at Le Bourget (F.).