Dassault Mystère 20


Fast business jet in service since 1973. Primarily used for VVIP flights, but also for transporting transplant organs for the benefit of Eurotransplant. These missions have greatly diminished in recent years, Eurotransplant currently using civilian air taxis. In 2004, the Mystère 20 underwent a major “midlife update” at Le Bourget, with among other components, the replacement of the engines.


Wingspan 16.25 m

Length 17.55 m

Height 5.32 m

Engine 2 TFE 731-5BR-2C

Maximum speed 910 Km / h

Cruising speed 820 Km / h

Range 3.570 Km

Ceiling 12,000 m

Maximum takeoff weight 13.270 Kg

Capacity 10 passengers with luggage

Number in service 2

Registration CM 1 and CM 2

In service since 1973

Phased out since 2016