C-119 F and G versions


The history of the former workhorse of the 15th Wing dates back to 1947. The C-119 is actually a modified version of the C-82, which went into production at the end of World War II. A total of 1,112 units of four different versions were built by Fairchild. Eighteen units of type “F” (built 1952) were followed by 28 units of type “G,” built in 1952 and equipped with modified engines and propellers. The G version was also characterized by the ventrol fins at the bottom of the booms. Some people also take the single front wheel as a reference between the F and G versions but that is not correct, both versions came with a single front wheel. More info at the Dakota association, new book for sale on the C-119.


Wing span 33.33 m

Length 26.41 m

Height 8.01 m

Engine 2 Wright R – 3350 – 89A of 3.500 PK

Maximum speed 380 Km / h at sea level

476 Km / h at 5,000 m

Cruising speed 321 Km / h

Range 3.120 to 3.670 Km

Ceiling 6.100 m

Empty weight 18.140 Kg

Maximum load weight 33.770 Kg

Number in service 46 (in total)

Registration C- 119 F: CP-1 to CP-8

C-119G: CP-9 to CP-46

1st commissioning 7 Oct ‘52

Decommissioned on 27 Jun ‘73