Airbus A-310/222.


When Singapore Airlines offered two of its Airbus A-310/200s for sale in 1997, the Air Force seized the opportunity to replace its Boeing 727s. Each A310 had 12 years of service with a total of 27,000 flight hours. The aircraft’s features met the required specifications, i.e., allowing nonstop transatlantic flights, significant payload capacity, rapid conversion to a cargo version and a potential flight hour sufficient to fly until 2025.


Wingspan 43.90 m
Length 46.43 m
Height 15.80 m
Engine 2 Turbofan Pratt & Whitney JT 9D – 7R4E1 with 50,000 pounds of thrust
Cruise speed 0.8 Mach (460 knots)
Autonomy 6,950 Km
Average cruising altitude 38,000 feet
Empty weight 80,000 Kg
Load capacity 31 tons
Capacity 200 passengers + 11 tons OR 140 pops + 24 tons
Number in service 2
Registration CB 01 and CB 02
In service since September 29, 1997
Decommissioned in 2009 and 2014 respectively.